To keep new lives living .........

 The Guild for Infant Survival, Orange County (GISOC) is dedicated to serving parents and families, educating the public and professionals, and raising funds to support medical research in an attempt to eradicate Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
GISOC was established in 1975 to support families that have experienced the death of a baby to SIDS.  The non-profit GISOC is the only Orange County peer support group for SIDS families.

GISOC becomes involved when notified of a SIDS death occurring in Orange County.  Soon after the death, a public health nurse will contact the affected family and will deliver a package prepared by our organization containing helpful information.  During this visit, parents are given contact information for a peer support person representing the Guild.  Because of HIPAA confidentiality issues, parents or a family member must contact the Guild directly in order for us to establish contact.  The assigned one-on-one volunteer assigned to the family is a parent that has lost a baby to SIDS.  She is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide a sympathetic, understanding ear.  We understand that only a parent that has experienced such a loss is able to truly understand what you are going through. 

Luke Matthew | born 2006

 Luke was the 3rd born child in our family. He has two big sisters, one little sister, and two little brothers. 

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Hayden Raye | born 2003

 I wish I would of known that September 27, 2003 was going to be your last day on earth. 

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Kaulin Riley | born 2003

 I was a single parent raising my son Kaulin Riley. In 2003, he passed away from SIDS while he was at his babysitter's house. 

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Ryan Joseph | born 2005

 My name is Jordy Jahn and I lost my second son Ryan Joseph to SIDS on January 27th, 2006.  

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Ashley Rose | born 1993

 I became a SIDS grandparent in 1993. We lost Ashley Rose when she was almost nine months old.  

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Redford | born 2015

  i could write a book about how wonderful my son Redford (Redd) was.  

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